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txtWeb is a global platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover and consume internet. txtWeb is just by SMSing keywords to one national number, and receive back content (up to 900 characters per SMS). Keywords represent an almost unlimited number of applications that use content from the internet or have their own original content.
These application are created by an open community of publishers and developers (which can be anyone), and can include wikipedia content, local market prices, government programs, financial literacy tips etc.

Now with txtWeb anyone with a mobile phone can quickly access information and services that directly impact their lives, including government programs, job/career services, news, health, education, market prices, and weather.


  • txtWeb is one of the fastest platforms for publishing. Deploying existing content via a txtWeb site takes only 5 minutes. Creating and deploying an SMS-based app on txtWeb usually takes about 5 hours.
  • txtWeb is purely SMS-based. It neither requires smart phone nor a data plan. Nearly 100% of mobile phones in this world are SMS-enabled and can use txtWeb immediately.
  • txtWeb is an open platform. Anyone can build an app and deploy it on txtWeb and make their service available to any user. It is an open marketplace of SMS apps.
  • txtWeb is vertical agnostic. We support and encourage all verticals. We have apps that allow users to chat with their friends (@CHAT), do local search (@FINDS) and global search (@GOOG), and a variety of other things.
  • txtWeb is primarily a pull service, similar to the Internet. Users choose what they want when they want and they receive it as an SMS on their phones.

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