Timed SMS Premium Services from Tata Docomo – Schedule Your SMS Wishes

Tata Docomo has now introduced a new SMS service, “Timed SMS“, the next generation SMS service giving you the power to schedule your SMS to be send on a desired date and time.

That is, you can actually schedule an SMS in advance to wish your friend on his birth day. Your wish will be sent to him at the exact date and time which you have specified.

A Timed SMS can act like a reminder or scheduler service, where you can schedule a message in advance and the same will be sent at the specific date and time to the desired recipient.


Type TSMS <Recipient Mobile Number> <Time in HHMM> <Date in DDMM> <Message> and send it to short-code 53030. For example: Type TSMS 90430000xx 0815 2407 Happy Birthday and send it as an sms to 53030. Your birthday wish will be sent to 90430000xx at exactly 8:15 am on the 24th of July. This is a premium service and is charged Rs 3 / SMS.

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