SMS Order Your Pizza at Papa John’s (US)

The Papa John’s restaurants across the US now accept orders by text message (SMS). To use the SMS Ordering services, you need to register at their website, and setup your favorite menus including pizza, side orders and drinks. To order the pizza, SMS the menu name to Papa John’s.

To use the service, pizza eaters must first register on the  and set up at least one preset Favorite pizza, plus any side orders and drinks. [sms help]

To order a Favorite send text “FAV 1” etc to 4papa (47272). In response a message with details about the order, along with price and delivery/carryout information. There is then a prompt to confirm and complete the order by replying Y1 which is then followed up with a confirmation text, with the estimated delivery time sent afterwards along with the order number.


Text messaging can also be used to find the nearest restaurant location. Text a 5-digit zip code to 4PAPA (47272), and you’ll receive text(s) with all the Papa John’s location(s) that service that zip code. By texting a street address and zip code, the address and telephone number of the Papa John’s restaurant that delivers to that address is sent back.

SMS is also used to find out what special offers are available. Text “DEALS” to 4PAPA (47272), and a text will reply with a special offer on Papa John’s pizza, sides, drinks, desserts and/or other items.

Text “DEALS” to 4PAPA (47272), and get one text with a special offer on Papa John’s pizza, sides, drinks, desserts and/or other items.

Ordering by text message (SMS) has been available at 2,600 locations of Domino Pizza in UK. Ordering by SMS has been a hit in Pizza Hut New Zealand since 2003.

I guess this is the right time for Indian food chains to start receive SMS Orders and deliver at home. This could work well, with some restrictions on delivery areas, in metros. The same functionality can be extended for restaurant chains, bakers, etc..

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