Cloudfogger – File Encryption Tool to Encrypt Local Files

Cloudfogger is a file encryption tool that you can use to encrypt local files and/or files that you are synchronizing with online cloud storage services such as Dropbox,, SkyDrive and others. Cloudfogger also creates a virtual drive letter that acts as a secure container and automatically encrypts all files that are added to it. The files in your virtual drive are encrypted/decrypted on-the-fly. They can be accessed from any application – no need to enter a password as long as the drive is unlocked. Once you lock your drive, the files will become inaccessible without the proper password.

Download Cloudfogger 

It’s designed to be used in conjunction with any cloud-based service, but can also be used simply to encrypt selected files and folders on your PC or local network.

[advt]The app works like this: after installation, it creates a virtual drive on your computer. You pair this drive with a selected folder on your PC – Cloudfogger will automatically select your Dropbox folder if it’s present, but you can easily specify another cloud-based service by selecting their folder, or simply using it to protect a local or network folder.

You’ll then be prompted to create a Cloudfogger account – it’s not compulsory, but recommended if you wish to share files with others (you can add Cloudfogger IDs to encrypted files, allowing them to be opened by others, and allowing you to share files securely by email, USB drive or other means).

Cloudfogger then creates a special drive – X by default – into which you need to copy your files. These are then invisibly and automatically encrypted using AES, and then copied into the original folder in encrypted form (look for the .clog extension) before being backed up, adding another layer of protection to it.

Files can be accessed on any device that has the Cloudfogger app installed – even in other applications. The major drawback at present is that only Windows and Android (beta) versions have been produced, but Mac and iOS versions are on the horizon to broaden its appeal.

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