ZeroPC – Turns Your Browser into Virtual PC

ZeroPC turns your browser into a PC and It allows you to connect all your cloud storage in one single space and navigate through it seamlessly. With any browser and an Internet connection you can open your personal ZeroPC desktop.  It provides you with everything you would expect from a desktop – and so much more. Manage your content, run applications, share your content with others, connect with other Internet providers like Facebook, and more.

ZeroPC brings services as different as Dropbox, Evernote, and SugarSync under the same roof. It lets you access all these services (and plenty more like Facebook and Twitter) by using a single sign-in. You’ll get to change your status on each site, and log in and out of it without having to leave ZeroPC and open a new tab.

ZeroPC lets you to share your content with everybody else. You can use a transferable desktop to customize the way in which you’ll share your data, and always have a perfect understanding of who’s accessing what.

[advt]Once you have authorized all your accounts, you only need to sign in once to your ZeroPC to access all your cloud content from various services. Then suppose you want to move your PDF files from Google Docs to, you can simple drag and drop them to complete the transfer in a Windows Explorer window. You can also search and analyze your cloud content and backup the important content. You also get lots of web apps and you can upload/download files to ZeroPC like it is a separate computer.

ZeroPC provides users with 1GB of free general cloud storage, plus up to 59GB of integrated access from other popular cloud storage services. Also it features a universal search engine that lets users enter keywords, tags, names or places to navigate throughout all files, folders, documents, photos, video, music and typically hard-to-find social content stored in popular sites including, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs, Instagram, Picasa and SugarSync.

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