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While you are on the road, and want to find out whether there is any Tamil movie playing in your city. Ask zook from your mobile browser or send an SMS, you will get the answers if there are ANY Tamil movies, the theatre, phone number and show times!

zook homepageZook is a Mobile Fetch Engine that gets answers to your queries, across the whole of India. The service can be accessed via mobile browsers (www.zook.in) or just by sending an SMS. Send <ANY question> to 57575665 and you get the answers delivered to your SMS inbox.

Zook has recently introduced another innovative service – the custom alerts on the mobile phones.

Zook Alerts enables users to create custom alerts for themselves depending on their specific interest(s). For example, a user may choose to receive updates only for English movies playing at Sree Theatre in Thiruvananthapuram – rather than receive a generic alert with different movies across the city.

Zook is a personalized alerts service that gives mobile users the choice and flexibility to decide what they want to follow. This improves the usefulness and effectiveness of mobile alerts.


Zook Alerts are available for a number of different categories – deals/coupons, movie show times, events, weather, traffic updates, cricket news/scores, etc.

To set alerts, users can visit www.zook.in from their WAP enabled mobile phone to find and set the desired alerts (by searching for “alerts” where category can be deals, movies, etc.).

This can also be done by sending an SMS with a message such as “alerts movies and/or”. For instance, “alerts movies Sree Theatre Thiruvananthapuram” helps you find and set automatic updates only for show times in that theatre.

zook homepageIn addition, Zook Alert users can always access Zook to find exactly what they are looking for – say, by searching for “nokia deals Technopark” on Zook, and then using the “Subscribe to Deals Alerts” action to get SMS updates whenever similar deals are available.

Zook is a free service; however, users will have to pay the usual operator-specific premium SMS and data/access charges for using WAP and sending SMS.

Certain categories of searches are more popular in zook.in like

  • mobile content (wallpapers, ringtones, ringback tones, mobile games, etc.)
  • entertainment-oriented searches (jokes, images, movie listings, restaurants, etc)
  • Queries related to social mobility (travel, colleges, exam schedules/results, etc.)

Zook allows users to access information available across the whole web, with or without data connectivity. Zook claims to have the largest searchable index of mobile downloads (ringtones, wallpapers, ringback tones, picture messages, themes, etc.).

The index also includes exact answers about local businesses, ATMs, restaurants, showtimes, weather information, bus routes and flight information, traffic status, etc., across India.

Zook can also be used to access wikipedia, dictionary, etc. In short, just about ANY question/query that a user thinks needs answering on the phone.

You can also ask a question to the Zook community, by registering at zook.in. When you ask a question, the responses are sent back to you by SMS to the registered mobile phone number.

Ziva Software, a mobile search start-up incubated at IIM Bangalore, are the creator of this product.

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