QEEP.NET – Mobile Social Networking Offering QMS, Photoblogging, Sound Attacks and Live Gaming

Qeepqeep.net, a social networking application developed on Java for mobile phones, is officially launched in India. Since its beta launch in Decemebr 2006, India contributes  to  20 % of  the 300,000 members in qeep.

Private messaging, photo-blogging, live multi-player gaming and sound attacks are some of the features offered by qeep to entertain its users.


qeep’s text-messaging service, called QMS, is much cheaper than the regular SMS. The QMS  is  unlimited and simple to use. Thus, qeep gives users the opportunity to make new friends all around the world and connect for free with them.

You can have fun with live gaming, which they can play from anywhere and in real-time with their friends.

Using the Sound Attacks feature friends seize control of each other’s phones by blasting them with sounds that play without warning – like a ringtone chosen by the caller.

The photoblogging system enables the users to assemble an unlimited online photo album.  Rather than sharing their pictures through expensive individual picture messages, friends can display all their adventures through their photoblogs, which are linked to their user profiles.  This way, friends can always qeep up with one another no matter where they are.

Any internet-ready mobile phone that supports Java MIDP 2.0 is qeep-compatible. Currently, the application is available on over 200 different model phones.

Qeep can be downloaded for free and installed on mobile phones enabling users to stay in  contact with  their  friends  from  any place  at  any  time  and make new  acquaintances  all  around  the world. Qeep  can be downloaded  free of  cost  from http://www.qeep.net or via  the WAP portal http://wap.qeep.net and  installed  on mobile  phones &  smart  phones.


Qeep enables people  to  communicate with  friends when commuting  to and  from work,  in  short breaks and during waiting and travel periods  in the bus or  local train. One can easily be  in contact with his/her friends by writing private messages or  indulge  in playing a live-game or even make new acquaintances 24 x 7. The use of qeep might endure only  for  a  few minutes, which  is  enough  to  read  and  answer new messages or  look at  a friend’s new photos. Hundreds of people are always online with their mobiles and are inviting each other to live games, photo blogging and sound attacks – all for free.


Finding people with  similar  interests  like music, gaming, movies, books, art or  fashion  is easy, as users give a short summary of their  interests on their profiles. Qeepers can send  invites to people they want to be friends with  or  can  just  nudge them  or  send  a QMS.

Users  can  join  the  qeep  community by  following  a  free simple registration process. Users need  to  install and  run  the application on  their mobile devices and log-in into the qeep network. Qeep has no subscription or fee associated with it.

According to the company, the whole essence of qeep is to build a global community of like-minded people who can be in touch 24 x 7. It’s an  international  community  that has no barriers and borders. Currently  there are people  from 160  countries and over 3,000 people joining everyday worldwide.

You may check out the video demonstration of qeep:

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