Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry

BlackBerry users get an amazing version of Yahoo! Messenger, designed for  phone—and loaded with your favourite IM features. Using this you can send a message, respond, change your status, view emoticons, photos or links, or create a custom message to tell your friends what you’re doing.


  • Instant messaging to Yahoo! Messenger contacts: Message your friends reliably in real-time
  • Message notification: Get notified when you have a new message, even from an idle screen
  • Status Updates: Access your friends’ availability (‘Available’ or ‘Offline’) or custom status messages (‘Back in 5 mins’) in real time—and update your own
  • Photo sharing & file transfer: Send photos, files, voice memos, and more
  • Personalize: Tailor your experience with avatars, emoticons and custom ringtone alerts
  • Conference: Invite multiple users into one conversation [advt]
  • Universal Inbox: Access to your Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail and SMS messages all in one inbox

Steps to download Yahoo! Messenger on BlackBerry

  • If the Yahoo! Messenger icon is already on your home screen, click on it to install the service.
  • If the Yahoo! Messenger icon is already on your home screen, click on it to install the service.If there is no Yahoo! Messenger icon on your home screen, input your smartphone number in the purple box, above. We’ll send you a link to a URL. Click on the link and select Download to get Yahoo! Messenger,
  • Or, input into your phone’s browser and follow the easy directions.

How to locate the app:

  • After downloading, you will find Yahoo! Messenger in the Applications folder.
  • Move the Yahoo! Messenger icon to your home screen so you can locate it with ease. Select Menu Key, Move, and scroll to the Folder-Up and confirm.

How to set up sound notification for new Yahoo! instant messages:

  • Click on the Profiles icon from home screen, select Advanced
  • Choose Normal (Active), select Messenger – New Message
  • Change ring tone and volume


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