Socialcast – Enterprise Activity Stream Engine and Microblogging Platform

Socialcast is a powerful Enterprise Activity Stream Engine:  A collaborative microblogging platform that unites your company’s people, data, and applications in real-time. It’s software creates a flexible, simple, data-rich collaborative space where employees can find information from applications, systems, and people across the enterprise. It is a real time enterprises collaboration platform that unites your companies people data and application in real-time.

With Socialcast, data and information move between applications and users, and from users to teams, faster than ever before. Improve information flow by opening the lines of communication, turning your company into an incubator for collaboration.

Socialcast aims to eliminate “work about work” – the unnecessary meetings, emails and calls that fail to produce results. Help employees perform their best by allowing collaboration and discussions to occur outside of time-draining activities.

It capture the knowledge that’s currently living inside your employees’ heads, their inboxes, and buried deep within shared documents by creating a real-time enterprise social network that becomes a central hub for information-sharing.

Socialcast builds strong networks inside your company. And now, Socialcast Reach helps those networks connect directly into the business systems your people use every day. Collaboration, answers and feedback loops now integrate directly with the data that drives work. Increased productivity happens more naturally than ever before. breathes life into the apps where your people spend their days working, syncing data to people and people to results.

iPhone, Blackberry, and Android applications available for immediate download from your community, receive notifications about important messages, and keep track of unread messages when on the road. Launch calls and email messages directly from employee profiles that list contact information and  upload attachments from your phone into your community, including photos, documents and videos (videos on iPhone 3GS only)

Basic feature

[advt]Activity Streams: Activity Streams are the future of enterprise collaboration, uniting people, data, and applications in real-time in a central, accessible, virtual interface. Think of a company social network where every employee, system, and business process exchanged up-to-the-minute information about their activities and outcomes. Each employee can find data that he or she never knew existed, collaborating around this information and accessing it in a variety of ways (email, mobile applications, and through existing infrastructure).

Enterprise Micro blogging: Post status updates, questions and ideas to let colleagues know what you’re working on, create threaded, context-rich discussions with real-time commenting and collaboration. Then upload documents, presentations, photos and links for everyone to see and discuss. Organize messages with tags and flag posts for follow-up, making information easy to find when you need it. Get noticed for your contributions with frequent updates that everyone from the CEO to your boss can view. Feel connected to the people that you call, email, and hear about inside your company

Outlook connector: Socialcast is the industry’s first enterprise collaboration solution to the total integration with MS outlook message from your socialcast network stream into dedicated outlook folder where you can read, respond and share new information directly from your inbox.

Share point web part: The Socialcast WebPart enables customers to extend the conversation into SharePoint, and allows employees to collaborate where they work. The Socialcast WebPart allows communication to be pushed to SharePoint, socializing important data and connecting the dots across your business. Whether an employee uses Socialcast or SharePoint, company communication will be will be united under one social platform.

Mobile accessibility: Access your network any time anywhere with socialcast mobile applications

Desktop apps: Download the socialcast desktop application to receive network updates right to your desktop without the need to open a web browser.

Administration tool: From initial setup to daily administration managing your social cast network is simple.

Group and Custom streams: Create and join groups to discuss work-related projects or to meet colleagues with similar skills, passions and hobbies.

Employee profiles: Post contact information to make it easy for colleagues to contact you when needed.

Integrated with existing system: Integrate Socialcast with your existing enterprise systems to socialize important data and connect the dots across your business

It offers three packages basic package is always free others are paid versions.




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