Gajim Instant Messaging Client for Windows – Download

Gajim is an instant messaging client for the XMPP protocol which uses the GTK+ toolkit.  It is a free software. The name Gajim is a recursive acronym for Gajim’s a jabber instant messenger. Gajim runs on Linux, BSD and Microsoft Windows.



  • Tabbed chat windows
  • Group chat support (with MUC protocol)
  • Emoticons, Avatars, File transfer, URL grabber, Bookmarks
  • [advt]Systray icon, Speller
  • TLS, OpenPGP and end-to-end encryption support (OpenPGP not available under Windows), including SSL legacy support
  • Transport Registration support
  • Service Discovery including Nodes
  • Wikipedia, dictionary and search engine lookup
  • Multiple accounts support
  • D-Bus Capabilities
  • XML Console
  • Jingle voice and video support (in latest version only, which is not available for Windows)

Download Gajim

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