Download Free Software for Manipulating Microsoft Security Descriptors – SetACL

SetACL is a free software utility for manipulating security descriptors on Microsoft Windows. It is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) as a command line utility and as an ActiveX component. It manages permissions on local or remote systems in domains or workgroups. It copies permissions between users or even domains. It can be used to hunt down unwanted permissions and mercilessly remove them.

Download SetACL


  • [advt]Supports the following object types on Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • NTFS files and directories
  • registry keys
  • printers
  • services
  • network shares
  • processes
  • Sets multiple permissions for multiple users or groups in a single command
  • Controls how permissions are inherited
  • List,backup and restore permissions
  • All operations work on a single object or recursively on a directory or registry tree
  • Set the owner to any user or group
  • Unicode support
  • Remove,replace or copy a user or group from an ACL
  • Fast performance due to time consuming steps such as recursing a large file system are performed only once
  • Filter out object names not to be processed

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