Yahoo livestand – Digital Newsstand for Tablet Devices and Cell Phones

Yahoo announced a “digital newsstand” called Livestand for tablet devices and cell phones which will turn them into personalized magazines rich with stories, images and video suited to individual tastes. It has been designed to deliver content from the company’s various sites and online publications.

Livestand has been designed for portable devices, so that articles, photos, videos, graphics and ads are optimized for the screens and interfaces of mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Livestand is a digital newsstand that’s always fresh and effortlessly personalized. Sit back and enjoy the news, entertainment, and local information you love, right on your tablet. The more you use it, the more it gets to know you.

Livestand will be initially available as an application for Apple’s iPad and Android tablet devices in the first half of this year. Versions for mobile phones and for browsers will be delivered later.

Livestand will let publishers generate revenue both from advertising and from subscriptions.

For Advertisers

  • [advt]Engage your audience within a highly personalized digital newsstand.
  • Create personalized brand experiences with ads that adapt and respond to user interaction.
  • Combine the interactivity of a tablet with a brand building, TV-like, ad experience.
  • Bring fun and excitement with tactile Magazine-style ad formats.
  • Access Yahoo!’s massive audience as they adopt tablets.

For Publishers

  • Transforms one-size fits-all approach into a highly personalized experience.
  • Drive increased engagement with dynamically personalized content.
  • Develop your publication once and easily deploy it on the most popular tablet devices.
  • Amplify your distribution by accessing Yahoo!’s massive audience as they adopt tablets.

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