Yahoo Clues – Search Trends and Demographics

Yahoo Clues allows you to see the demographic information of web surfers such as their age group, gender, location, income etc.  Clues can help web designers know what queries or phrases are being keyed in by web surfers to reach to a particular product.Google launched a similar service, Google Trends, in 2006.

To try the feature, you have to visit Yahoo Clues page where you can find the “Search Terms” field. Here in the box, you need to type the word or phrase. Click Discover. You will then get information about your search term based on the above mentioned criteria.

Yahoo clues also allow you to compare two search terms for their popularity. For this you have to type the two search terms in respective Search boxes. Click Discover. You will then get information on both search terms, side by side.

You can also  search query information with a Time Filter which displays search trends for either 1 day,  1 week, or for a period of 30 days. The popularity of the query is then presented in a point ranging from 1 to 100.

The popular search section allows you to view popular search words and phrases which are collected by Yahoo Clues based on popular Yahoo searches. Clicking on one of them will provide you corresponding Yahoo Clues information card about that subject.

According to Yahoo, Yahoo Clues gets critical information such as the income levels of people from government data on per capita income.  Mhe map view offers information regarding user concentration in a particular area, which also offers zoom in and out of a particular state, giving localized results. Only the searches made by United States Yahoo users  is currently made available for Yahoo Clues. [source]

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