Create Your Own Yahoo Emoticons for Free using YahooFriend

YahooFriend is a plugin for Yahoo Messenger, which makes your chatting more funny with a lot of cool emoticons. Users can create their own emoticons as they want. To design the emoticons, use any HTML editor, type any combination of characters, select the font Wingdings or Webdings, change the font size, color, arrange them as you want.


  • With Yahoo! Friend, you can send very cool emoticons to your friends and make them surprised!
  • [advt]Your friends will always see your emoticons even they don’t have this software installed┬ábecause it’s all about the font, Wingdings and Webdings – default fonts of Windows
  • You can hear the incoming messages from your friends now!
  • Make your friends surprised with Auto Reply!
  • With Yahoo! Friend, you can design and create your own emoticons .For example, try to copy the text below and send to your online friends via Yahoo! Messenger to see how nice it is

Download YahooFriend

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