Yahoo! Autosync – Synchronizes the Information Stored On Yahoo With PIM

Yahoo! Autosync synchronizes the information you store with Yahoo!—in Address Book, Calendar, ToDo List, and Notepad—with your desktop personal information manager (PIM), such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Palm Desktop. It’s an upgrade to what used to be known as Intellisync for Yahoo!

Yahoo! Autosync compares your Yahoo! data to the data in your PIM application and makes whatever changes are necessary in either system to make sure that they both contain the same data. That way, when you add or delete something in one system and not the other, Yahoo! Autosync adds or deletes it in the system that needs updating.

Yahoo! Autosync allows you to customize the software. You are able to specify individual field mappings between systems and specify a limited date range to transfer. You can also turn off synchronization for completed “to do” items.

[advt]Yahoo! Autosync also has a restore function. What this means is, when Yahoo! Autosync attempts to sync your systems, if it notices that you’ve deleted an unusual amount of items in your PIM, you’ll have the opportunity to recover the lost items by clicking, Wait! Don’t delete any entries. I want to restore.

Please note:Please be aware that any incorrect modifications to the advanced settings could cause data loss.[source]


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