How to Import Contacts From Another Email Account or Program to Yahoo! Mail

To import your contacts from different email services or programs, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail or Hotmail, please use the steps below:

  1. Click Options or the Contacts tab depending on your version of Yahoo! Mail.
    • Note: If you are using Beta Mail you will need to go to Help and then Options before you will see the Contacts tab.
  2. Select Import Contacts… for the All-New Yahoo! Mail or the Import now option for Yahoo! Mail Classic.
  3. Select the source for the import, a Gmail account, AOL account or another service listed, then sign in with your username and password, if a field drops down prompting you for this information.If you selected to import contacts from a desktop mail program you will need to use the browse option to find the file you exported from the program. If you don’t know how to export contacts from your desktop client we suggest consulting the programs help section for assistance.
  4. Check the box giving Yahoo! permission to obtain your contacts and then click Continue.
  5. [advt]Select the contacts that you would like to import from the list, or if you would like to select them all leave the Select All option checked and click Import.
  6. Choose which contacts that you want to notify about your new email address by checking the boxes to the left of their names or choose Select All and then click Finish. If you do not want to notify any of your contacts you can click Skip Notification & Just Import.

Please Note: If you are selecting to import contacts from a desktop email program you will need to make sure that you can export your contacts in either a “.csv” or “.vcf” file format.[source]

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