XPN – Portable Graphical Usenet Newsreader for Windows and Linux

XPN logoXPN is a graphical newsreader written in Python with the GTK+ toolkit. An important characteristic of XPN is the complete portability. You can use it on Linux and Windows, however XPN should work wherever Python and GTK+2 work.

XPN is a Usenet newsreader with excellent MIME support.  It can operate with charsets starting ranging from US-ASCII to UTF-8. When you edit an article,  it automatically chooses the best charset. XPN is a multiplatform newsreader with unicode supports and it is a  free software.

It offers a good MIME support, scoring system, filtered views, random tag-lines, external editor support, one-key navigation, ROT13, Face and X-Face headers decoding, spoiler char.


  • MIME support.
  • Scoring system.[advt]
  • filtered views.
  • Random tag-lines.
  • External editor support.
  • One-key navigation.
  • Face and X-Face headers decoding.

XPN screnshot

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