MesNews – Multi-Server NNTP Newsreader on Windows Platform

MesNews is a newsreader. It is a freeware developed in the Delphi 7 language. It works on all version of Windows. It displays the messages in text and html format,sending in text and html format. Additional functions can be easily added through plug-ins.


  • Multi-servers, multi-forums.
  • Display of the servers / forums in a tree structure form, or with only a button per server.
  • Three levels of synchronizations for the forums.
  • Dsplaying of smileys in the pictures form.
  • Decoding of the messages in multipart, base64, yEncoded.
  • Selective filtering multioptions.
  • Setting color of the messages according to criteria.
  • Random signatures.
  • Management of the XFaces.

mesnews screenshot

Download MesNews

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