40tude Dialog – Free Email and Newsreader with Unicode Support

40tude Dialog is multi-server, multi-threaded email/newsreader with Unicode character support. Dialog recognizes and decodes postings and emails using character sets. To display characters from more exotic languages you will need to have a font installed that supports these characters. You can set your favorite font as the default font and Dialog will automatically use a better font if not all characters can be displayed.

When composing postings and emails you can enter all characters from the Unicode character range. Dialog will automatically select the correct character set for your outgoing messages. It supports multiple servers and identities, has filtering/scoring support, searching,integrated email functionality and binary support.


  • Color coding.
  • Extremely customizable GUI.[advt]
  • Multiple server support.
  • Multiple identity support.
  • Multiple background threads.
  • Spell checker.
  • Support for binary postings.
  • Import/Export of messages.
  • Custom sorting, filters and view.
  • Scripting support.

Download 40tude Dialog

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