World Phone VOIP Service in India

World Phone Internet Services provides Internet bandwidth, Internet Telephony (VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol) and its related services to the corporate and domestic users in India.

World Phone account provides you with complete portability. SO you can access World Phone from anywhere in the world using World Phone’s softphone or a phone adapter. To access World Phone’s softphone, log into your account and launch webphone. The softphone automatically installs, which runs only on Windows platform. TO use the softphone, your computer must be running in order to receive calls. If your computer is not on or you are unavailable, the call will be directed to your Voicemail.

To use a phone adapter, just plug it into any high-speed Internet connection and place calls. If you are using a device that works without a computer such as an IP phone or a telephone adapter, calls will be directed to that device; unanswered calls will be directed to your Voicemail.

With World Phone service you can call any phone number that you can call with a traditional phone. Calls to regular phones are charged on a per minute basis while those to other World Phone service users are free.

Individuals and corporations with moderate to large long distance or international call usage can enjoy significant savings, depending on call volume up to 50%.

The World Phone service routes your incoming and outgoing voice calls right alongside the data being sent to or from your computer. Thus, you can make and receive calls while you use your computer to access the Internet. World Phone uses advanced audio compression techniques to minimize the data traffic caused by voice calls and maximize the bandwidth available for your other Internet traffic.

If you have a router with firewall installed to connect to the Internet or if you using the service in a corporate environment, World Phone provides a NAT traversal feature that allows you to use the softphone in such environments.

World Phone provides calls to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand for less than one Rupee per minute. World Phone also provides unlimited calls to some selected countries for approximately 1500 rupees per month, useful for software companies and call centers.

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