Jajah, the Skype Killer, is in India

Earlier this week, we discussed Yoomba.com, the PC-to-PC free VOIP call service. Here comes a new generation phone-to-phone low cost VOIP solution. Jajah.com announced its official bringing of service to India. At this moment, Jajah is not a totally free VOIP service. It provides 5 minutes trial for landlines and a referral program earning free minutes. Jajah is said to be the next generation Skype, the Skype 2.0.

Users can earn free minutes by referring their friends to the Jajah service. Registering for Jajah is free and takes only seconds. Needs no special desktop or head phone, hardware or any download. It works from your everyday phone.

Jajah is dedicated to bringing the world vastly improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the traditional price. We want to provide basic phone calls for free – and we truly believe it’s possible. We believe that by bringing together the best of the internet with the best of the traditional telephone industry we will be able to provide our customers with unique new solutions, solutions never before possible, at a price they’ll find irresistible.

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