SpinVox – Speak a Text Message

Speak freely and SpinVox will convert your words into text and send them wherever you decide: to mobile, inbox, TV screen, blog and more. Speak a text message and you can rest assured the message is received loud and clear to your family and friends. You can create a text message without having to thumb out the message. You can respond to an incoming text message by speaking a reply. SpinVox also offers services allowing users to post LiveJournal, Facebook, Jaiku or Twitter updates by voice.

When you are in a meeting or having a party at a noisy restaurant or riding a bus, you may not want to be attending phone nor listening to your voice message. Even then you want to be in touch, how? SpinVox can convert your voice message to text message and get it delivered straight to your mobile or inbox.

When it is not convenient to reach out for a pen and paper, for example while driving, and you want to take notes and memos, speak to yourself a ‘post-it-note‘. Your words is sent as an email straight to your inbox.

Blog using SpinVox – Speak into your phone and SpinVox can take your spoken words and turn them into text straight from your phone. Speak to your readers from any phone, any network, at any time!

Using SpinVox, you can get your message sent to as many people as you like. It’s an easier way to broadcast your message, wherever you are. Share your news by text or email or both.

You can speak to your social networks without being tied to your PC. You can even micro-blog a moment (like in twitter), as it happens just by speaking.

SpinVox currently does not offer the service for any Indian Carriers. It just supports a very few carrers and regions at the moment. SpinVox is working on cariers in United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Canada, France, Germany and Spain. As their service becomes ever more popular by the day, SpinVox is working with carriers to make the service available as soon as possible in other regions.

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