Vodafone VStore – Mobile App Store for Vodafone Customers

Vodafone LogoThe Vodafone App Store (VStore) is a one stop shop for all Vodafone Mobile (2G/3G) customers to purchase and download applications and games for use on their handsets. With over 10,000 mobile applications & games, the VStore promises to convert your GPRS-enabled Vodafone phone into a mix of fun, games and productivity.

Applications help you make your phone smarter, faster and better. You can organize your daily activities, play interesting games and do a lot more with your phone. You can choose from over 8000 Applications, depending on your requirement – Organization & Wellness, Phone Tools, Travel & Entertainment, Work & School and more. You can also download Games which are compatible to your phone.

[advt]For all Apps & Games (FREE & Paid) you will be charged standard browsing charges as per your data plan . In addition to browsing charges, you will be charged as per the App / Game price mentioned alongside the respective app/game. You will be charged only on the successful download of your app. All the FREE apps/games however come at 0 download cost (only browsing charges apply)

Accessing the Vodafone VStore

You should have GPRS enabled mobile phone and you need to visit the Vodafonelive! Homepage. (http://live.vodafone.in). You will find an App Store Button on the top of the page. You can click on the button and enjoy the Vodafone App Store.


To access Vodafone VStrore, all you need to do is sms VStore to 111 (toll free, then you will receive a link. Click on the link to on your Vodafone mobile phone.

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What’s in the VStore?

  • Apps on Business Education, Games, Lifestyle, Personal Finance, Social Networking, Sports & Travel and more.
  • Everything from utility to entertainment! All applications in the above categories serve a diverse range of functions.
  • A wide Variety of Free & Paid Applications and Games are available, paid ones ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 150
  • The VStore is available on Vodafone Live! and can be accessed using your Vodafone GPRS-enabled mobile phone.

How can I use the Vodafone App Store?

You can follow these simple steps to use the Vodafone App Store:

  1. Go on the Vodafonelive! homepage (http://live.vodafone.in)
  2. Click on the App Store Button on the top of the page
  3. On the Vodafone App Store home page you will see a list of Featured Apps along with more categories
  4. On selecting a specific category from the menu you would then be presented a list of available applications which you can download under that category
  5. You can select an application by clicking on the Application Name and you will be presented with a detailed description of the application along with pricing details.
  6. Some applications are available for Free and would display only a “Download Now” option. The Paid Apps will show you the “Buy Now” option along with the Price point.
  7. You would then need to click/select the Buy or Download; the application would begin to download on your mobile.
  8. You can alternatively even click on “Buy Now” and “Download Now” alongside the listed apps to directly start downloading your App
  9. The application will install on your handset. After the install is complete, you will see the option to ‘Start Now?’ depending on your handset.
  10. If you select ‘Yes’ the application will start.
  11. If you select ‘No’ you will be back to the App Store Receipt page. Here you can click on “App Store” link to go back to the Vodafone App Store home page.[source]

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