Visitor.js – Personalize the Websites Based on Visitor Information

Visitor.js is an application that allows website owners to personalize and customize their websites based on visitor information. It turned into something that could appeal to almost all of the people who ever visit it. It does that by retrieving information like the visitor’s location, his browser and his operating system. And Visitor.js can also figure out where each visitor you get is coming from. It can realize which keywords are bringing them in, and which other sites are referring them to yours.

This service is implemented by adding a few lines of JavaScript to your backend. Visitor.js will begin working immediately, and any person who lands on your site will be greeted with something completely different.

Some examples of customization include greeting the customer in languages based on location, offering special deals based on referral search terms, and displaying different information for returning visitors.

The visitor.js API allows developers to integrate the functionality of visitor.js into other applications and websites. Some example API methods include retrieving visitor location and language, information about the current session, and which browser the visitor is using.


  • [advt]Valuable Visitor Information: The visitor.js script provides you with information about a visitor’s location (country, city), source (referring website, search keyword, time of last visit), device (browser, operating system), and much more. Based on this information, you can personalize your web pages on-the-fly to increase customer appeal and drive sales.
  • Countless Personalization Possibilities: You can redirect a French visitor to your .fr domain, offer a returning customer a special discount, include the visitor’s search keywords in your page header, and advise an iPhone user to download your company’s app. All of this can be done easily with just a few lines of JavaScript cod
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Just add one line of HTML code to your web pages to get access to the full functionality of visitor.js. Its step-by-step tutorials and examples make getting started quick and easy, so you don’t have to be a coding whiz.
  • Cloud-Hosted Solution: The visitor.js script is hosted on cloud servers backed by Rackspace, the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry. Each visitor is served a dynamically created copy of the script, containing information on the user’s geographic location.

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