Vimessa – Send Free Video Messages from Your iPhone

Vimessa is a free iOS app that can be used to send video messages to anyone, regardless of whether they have an iOS device or their own copy of the app.  The app is sized at 7 MB and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS version 4.0 or later. With this application you can record video messages off your device’s camera and then share it with other friends who own a cellphone. Your friends need not have an iOS device.

Download Vimessa for iOS 

They can view your video message on other smartphones as well. In case their phone is a simple one, they receive the URL for your video which they can access to view your video message. If your friends are Vimessa users as well, they can respond to your videos with video messages of their own.

You can use the camera of your iPhone 4 or iPad to record a video message. Rather than attaching this file to an email or uploading it to a sharing web site, you can choose to send it to a mobile phone number. The recipient will receive a notification about the new video message whatever mobile phone they happen to have.

[advt]For iPhone users with the app installed, an on-screen message will alert them to the new message which can then be viewed completely free of charge. For anyone who does not have an iPhone or does not have the app installed, a free text message will provide access to a securely stored online version of the video that they will be able to watch using any computer with an internet connection.

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