Download Inbox2 iPad App that Combines Your Social Messages

Inbox2 is an iPad app that combines your email, Twitter, Facebook, and other social messages into one sortable stream. It also respects your email labels and stars, and adds simple task management tools. It combines all your account in one place over many different platforms (Mobile, Web and Desktop) and now you got all your important messages in one place.

Download Inbox2 for iPad

Enter a few usernames and passwords, hit the authentication buttons, and everything starts streaming in. The benefit to a tool like Inbox2 is that you can take all your communication and process it the way you would email.

[advt]Inbox2 also aggregates contacts across all your chosen accounts, which is convenient for reaching out to that person you, know somehow, but don’t have time to hunt down. At first, Inbox2 only grabs the last 50 messages from each of your accounts, but a quick trip to the Options and you can download everything you’ve got, making the attachment and image aggregation tabs far more useful, and something like a social-media-aware Postbox.

It filters the stream of emails into favorite contacts and groups. You can quickly handle that which is important at the moment and visit your ‘traditional’ inbox later for all other emails.

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