Video Short Link – Stream Web Video to Multiple Devices is a service that will stream the video compatible with the device you are viewing the page with. Once you submit your video to, it will give you back a universal video url that will play your video absolutely everywhere. Since, different devices and browsers require different video codecs and screen sizes require a video to be converted into to many different formats and sizes, has its own  importance. supports mp4, 3gp, mov, webm, flv, Ogv video formats. It works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari browsers and Android, Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Opera, Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobiles. It works on Nintendo DS, PSP, Nintendo Wii consoles too.[advt]

How works?

  • Submit your video source to (FTP/Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, or Upload from your HD).
  • transcode and store your video into over a dozen video formats and sizes.
  • return to you send you a short url for your video (e.g
  • When a user visits a url, it automatically detect the device or browser type and deliver the correctly formatted video from a high quality CDN network.

How to use

  • Direct Mobile Link: When a mobile devices visits your url, it automatically detect which type it is and intelligently deliver up the correct video format for that device. For example if a iPad visits a your url, it will deliver a beautiful full screen 1024×768 H.264 file, but if a Nokia N900 visits your url, it will serve up a 320×240 3GP video.
  • Embed Code Made Universal: Each major browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) supports a different HTML5 video format (H.264, WEBM, Ogg) and Internet Explorer still only supports Flash! Now all you need to remember is very simple piece of HTML5 video code referencing a single url, will do the rest.
  • For example if a Chrome browser visits your HTML page with the universal embed code deliver Google’s new WEBM video format, but if a IE browser visits your page will fall back to a Flash player using the Open Source Media Framework.

  • Direct FLA Play: Do you still have a Flash player on your site and want to use create a high quality VP6 FLV version of your video and provide a direct FLV url to plug directly into your custom, commercial, or open source Flash player. JW Player, Flowplayer, or OMS

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