Use Your Own Custom Domain for Your Blogger Blog

One of my blogger friend runs a health education blog, hosted free at He is planning to migrate it to a custom domain. He also want to make sure that he won’t loose any PR or AdSense money from the blog.

Is it the right time to switch to the new custom domain? If you have plans to develop the blog much better and would spend time consistently, moving to your own domain ASAP will surely help you in the long run. The domain registrars have slashed the price recently. So if you are serious about blogging, why would you not spend just 200 Indian Rupees (USD 5) per year and have your own domain? Get your .IN domain today!

To use Blogger’s custom domain feature, you only need to get the domain name, no need to pay for any hosting service. Your blog (text and photos) will be hosted by Google. Please refer the help on using custom domain name on your blog. This is very easy, as 123. You may need to change the control panel or contact your domain registrar for CNAME changes.

Once you are done with the custom domain changes in your Blogger Settings and domain registrar, your original address will automatically forward to your new domain. Any existing links or bookmarks to your site will still work. You neither loose your existing visitors. Your blogger blog page rank and search engine status will be maintained with custom domain. In fact, Google does the 301 redirect from which is good for Search Engines to keep page ranking intact.

It is also recommended to customize your blog template design, so that your blog stands out from other generic blogs. Having your own domain and template design give you more credibility and trust by your readers.

Have you switched to Custom Domain? Did you notice any change in traffic?

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