"Outrage in South Africa" – Hoax Chain Email

A few hours ago, I received the following (chain) mail, send by a reputed kind hearted business man. The below chain email, first seen in 2001, is now picked up speed recently.

Outrage in South Africa

Last week a 3 year old girl in South Africa was beaten and raped. She is still alive. The man responsible was released on bail yesterday. He is walking the streets. If you are too busy to read this then just sign your name down and forward this on…

The Government is planning to close the child protection unit and this is a petition against it. This is a very important petition. It is an essential part of the justice system for children. You may have already heard that there’s a myth in South Africa that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS.

The younger the virgin, the more potent the cure. This has led to an epidemic of rapes by infected males, with the correspondent infection of innocent kids. Many have died in these cruel rapes. Recently in Cape Town, a 9-month-old baby was raped by 6 men. Please think about that for a moment. The child abuse situation is now reaching catastrophic proportions and if we don’t do something, then who will?

Kindly add your name to the bottom of the list and please pass this on to as many people as you know.

Any such violence and crime towards children, especially girls, is very much appalling. So, whenever you receive such an email, your emotions will take over and you will have the desire to forward the chain email to your friends. Think. How does adding your name at the end of the cyber petition and forwarding the email to someone will help those girls? Please don’t forward the email just because it doesn’t cost you anything! I am sure that, God doesn’t want you to do such a nishkama karma!

So please never forward this kind of chain emails to your friends, family, colleagues or anyone. Think twice, if not thousand times. Just delete it or move to Trash/Spam folder. Let us reserve the internet bandwidth and save your friends’ online time.

The government of South Africa should be very well aware of such crimes, and they don’t need your email petition to tell them that child rape is bad and they should be doing something about it.

Keep cool, and do something good for at least the poor kids next door, rather than email forwards asking others to help!

Ref: snopes & break the chain.

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