Integrate Google Maps to Your Website Easily

Google announced an easy way to add fully interactive Google Maps to your website or blog by just pasting a HTML snippet to your page. It is very easy comparing to the old method of writing JavaScript APIs. Users can drag and click or zoom in on a location, and view it in map, satellite, and hybrid modes.

I have earlier created the Google map of Thiruvananthapuram with placemarks using the Google Map API keys and JavaScript APIs, which is now obsolete!

To embed a Google Map, users simply pull up the map they want to embed – it can be a location, a business, driving directions, or a My Map they have created – and then click “Link to this page” and copy & paste the HTML. You can also copy the Map link to your email and share with your friends.

  • business owners can now add a map of their business location to its website, with links to directions and more information on Google Maps.
  • bloggers can now write about a restaurant or a place they have visited and embed a map of the location in the blog post itself.
  • individuals can update their personal websites by publishing maps of geotagged vacation photos or creating sophisticated maps mashups using the simple tools available in the My Maps tab.

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