Use OpenDNS and Fix BSNL DataOne BroadBand (India)

I have have been troubled with my BSNL Dataone connection. I was not able to access some websites, (even, intermittently. I called up BSNL hotline at 1957. The support staff did not have any idea of what is going on. He was aware of some problems with the DNS Servers and did not have any other details.

Finally, I reconfigured my wireless modem to use DNS Servers provided by OpenDNS and now I can reach all sites. Instead of using BSNL (or your ISP’s DNS Servers), configure your computer or modem to use the OpenDNS servers and boost performance and reliability. OpenDNS has provided detailed instructions for the switch over.

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

OpenDNS helps to surf the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliably than ever before. OpenDNS operates the largest and most intelligent DNS caches in the world, it is a zero-downtime DNS network.

You an sign up with OpenDNS and use their services for free – Phishing Protection, Domain Blocking, Adult Site Blocking, Web Proxy Blocking, Domain Whitelisting, Statistics, Shortcut Keywords and Typo Correction. You can also customize and brand the blocked pages with your company logo.

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