Hoax: UNESCO Announces Indian National Anthem as the Best National Anthem in the World

There are email forwards flooding around which claims that UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has chosen the Indian National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) as the best national anthem in the world.

This is a hoax email. If this was a real news, there is no doubt that, media in India would have given this extreme importance. There is no information about this in the UNESCO website also.

So this is a baseles internet email hoax. Please keep away from spreading hoax.


UNESCO is not setup to waste time on the exercise of selecting best national anthem! First of all, every nation’s National Anthem is the best for the citizen’s of that nation. If UNESCO did the comparison, it is extreme stupidity trying to compare national anthem of UN member nations. Just think about this – how can someone measure the patriotism of the citizen of each country?

Anyways, stop forwarding such hoax emails. Before forwarding such emails, search the web for related information and if you are convinced forward it.

Now play the video and listen to Jana Gana Mana, celebrating the 50th Independence Day!


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