Hoax: UNESCO Announces Indian National Anthem as the Best National Anthem in the World

There are email forwards flooding around which claims that UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has chosen the Indian National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) as the best national anthem in the world.

This is a hoax email. If this was a real news, there is no doubt that, media in India would have given this extreme importance. There is no information about this in the UNESCO website also.

So this is a baseles internet email hoax. Please keep away from spreading hoax.


UNESCO is not setup to waste time on the exercise of selecting best national anthem! First of all, every nation’s National Anthem is the best for the citizen’s of that nation. If UNESCO did the comparison, it is extreme stupidity trying to compare national anthem of UN member nations. Just think about this – how can someone measure the patriotism of the citizen of each country?

Anyways, stop forwarding such hoax emails. Before forwarding such emails, search the web for related information and if you are convinced forward it.

Now play the video and listen to Jana Gana Mana, celebrating the 50th Independence Day!



  1. When i got to see this news as one of my friens facebook status i was happy very much happy….i started searching news on google then came across this site …its quite disturbing and playing with emotions……people lets all stop this….love u india…jaihind

  2. Its saddening that the hoax mail it live in web for two years by now and i received one today, as every1 agreed, patriotism and national anthem is something very important for each individual and it does not make any sense to find the BEST in the world, to the lime light, unesco been pulled for such a noble cause… 🙂 all should not entertain such mails…

  3. What is the meaning of Brahmo hymn…?? I thought this was an anthem and not a hymn…. which is church music… Tagore to the best of my knowledge was a high caste Brahmin…. so do you mean a Brahmin hymn as in Shloka….??

    Whether this is a hoax or for real.. it is a fantastic and moving anthem which makes one’s heart and patriotism soar to the skies and THANK GOD we’re INDIAN and damned proud of the fact…

    The best part of the anthem of course apart from the words is the great score.. which surely stand out as amongst the best in the world… the other closest being the French “La Marseillaise” … which Tagore also loved.. and wrote a Bengali version of it… Let’s not forget Tagore’s musical and literary genius since he also wrote the song Bangladesh chose as it’s anthem… “Amar Sonar Bangla” – so he’s the only one to have written the anthems of 2 countries… and that is an undisputed TRUE FACT – UNESCO can confirm this.

    So please let’s NOT have musical pygmies like AR Rehman doing the sacrilegious acts of trying to tinker with the score.. he should keep his plagiaristic talents to earn those megabucks for movies and theatrics… where he can cut/paste/fuse to his heart’s content…

    JAI HIND…jaya he!!! jaya he!! JAYA JAYA JAYA JAYA HE!!!!

    • Tagore was a brahmin, but his entire family had embraced a new religion started by Raja Rammohan Roy who invented a new samaj known as the brahmo samaj. This was an offshoot of hinduism minus the rituals and distinction on the basis of caste and creed.They connected to the almighty through their songs, poems and prayers as in the church. The songs adopted by the samaj were known as hymns. Jai Hind.

  4. We Indians, do have our basics wrong. Most of us are desperate for getting ourselves endorsed by foreigners. This feeling has got inculcated so deep, now now it has gone to the level of feeling delighted for a hoax that UNESCO says our national anthem is the best…!!! We need to get educated more on our own INDIAN VALUES to regain our lost glory and originality. Each one of us should learn what Swami Vivekananda said centuries ago… Folks, please believe in our own values and respect our own systems. We need not get carried away by what seemingly works good in other countries that may not really suite our environment.

    Jai Hind

  5. It is a pity that the email announcing our national anthem as the best in the world declared by UNESCO appears to be just another email hoax.
    while checking the integrity of the news by visiting the unesco site I found nothing of this sort.
    There are different kind of chain mails that are used for different purposes by their originators by

    * Luring the recipients towards good fortune
    * Spreading the fear of doomed fate for the recipient for not forwarding them
    * Lure of “free gadgets / gizmos” by forwarding them to multiple people
    * Touching messages of love / fraternity / friendships etc
    * Spicy scandals – political / religious in nature

    So on and so forth ( kudos to the brilliant creativity of intelligent netizens to create a mass hysteria on the net)
    It is wise to break the chain of the email as they are in most cases used to

    * Collect thousands of email ids for mass marketing
    * Spread viruses, worms or spywares which might sit in your computer and transmit your user ids / passwords to the originators, enabling them to sniff on your credit card details, your bank user ids and passwords etc.
    * To spread rumours with different motives
    * Or just simply with the intension to waste the band width of the network (which slows down a country’s / region’s network)

    After knowing all these risks on the digital network, hope you all would give it a thought and break the email chains to protect your friends, loved and dear ones from unknown risks of this world wide digital network.

  6. This is quite disturbing and playing with our emotions. Why such person shall not be punished for playing with the emotions of petriotism.

  7. Only Silver Lining: People feel GLAD, ELATED, PROUD & think about Mother India (Though for a while)

    Well said Alap.

    very true, people find happiness and patrotic for a minute, never try to be patriotic in their day to day life.

  8. Dear Mr. Pillai,Thanks for confirming my doubts. Further, UNESCO conducts very important work on an international scale in the spheres of Education, Science and Culture. Therefore, it seems extremely unlikely that UNESCO would waste its valuable time and resources on the rather frivolous, and ultimately meaningless, exercise of nominating the world’s best national anthem.However, people in general, do not think before “Forwarding” such e-mails. Reason: E-mail does not cost money.Many similar hoaxes are doing rounds!! Only Silver Lining: People feel GLAD, ELATED, PROUD & think about Mother India (Though for a while)

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