The Real GDrive / GDisk Coming Soon?

Wall Street Journal has a scoop on Google’s storage plans. The new service could be released as early as a few months from now. Read the summary below.

Google is going to offer a new way to store their files on Google’s hard drives, essentially all of the files the users might keep on their personal-computer hard drives – such as word-processing documents, digital music, video clips and images.

The new service could let users access their files via the Internet from different computers and mobile devices when they sign on, and share them online with their friends. Google plans to provide some free storage, with additional storage allotments available for a fee.

The Google service hopefully simplify the process for transferring and opening files. Along with a Web-based interface, Google is trying to let users upload and access files directly from their PC desktops and have the file storage behave for consumers more like another hard drive that is handy at all times. The effort of the storage plans was earlier known as “My Stuff” internally at Google.

The new service will hopefully make the files available offline and can synchronize using Google Gears. It would have been great if it works like the Windows Briefcase and accessible like any other mapped drive.

Microsoft, Google’s competitor in file storage, currently offers a beta version of a service called Windows Live SkyDrive with one gigabyte of free storage.

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