UJAM – Platform for Compose, Produce and Publish Your Own Music

UJAM is a new technology platform which everyone can use to compose, produce, and publish their own music. Share your musical creativity with your friends and music fans around the world. It allows you to create great music, no matter what skill level you’re starting from. Whether you’re a non-musician, a novice singer, or a skilled artist, you’ve got the tools at your fingertips to create professional-quality music now.

If you’ve got a tune in your head, start your session by singing, whistling, humming, or playing an instrument to record your idea. Then, move on to produce a full track with professional backing instruments and styles. Or, start by rejamming a song template, loading a saved session, or uploading a file from your computer.

[advt]UJAM is made for all people, regardless of skill level, to create and produce great songs. The user interfaces and designs are intended to guide you through the process of creation and production, so you don’t get stuck in no-man’s-land somewhere in the middle. You’ll find tools and tips to help you out when you need it, plus buttons to give feedback to the team or ask for support at any time. The UJAM Team is always here to help you make the most of your sessions.

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