StratusBase – Online Cloud Database Builder

StratusBase is a “Cloud Database Builder”. It allows you to quickly and easily create, store, access, and monitor almost any kind of data from anywhere. It’s a fancy term for a place that you can store data online that you can access from anywhere and sync across several devices.

StratusBase is designed to take the hassle out of building an online database. It can be used by even the most basic users since it requires no prior knowledge of what a database actually is or what it takes to make one. With predefined fields it takes only minutes to build forms, not hours. All that you need to know is what it is that YOU want to keep track of and StratusBase can accommodate.

[advt]More advanced users can take advantage of StratusBase’s API mode. Integrate your forms or entry data into your own websites, blogs, or custom feeds. It is compatible with any PC or device that has a web browser that supports HTML5. This includes the new iPad, iPad2, iPhone 4, and several newer Android phones.

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