PeekYou – Search Engine that Indexes People and their Links on Web

PeekYou is a search company focused on indexing the public web around people.  It is a people search engine that indexes people and their links on the web. The name “PeekYou” is explained as a contraction of People and SeekPeek. The search results are built from publicly available URLs, including MySpace profiles, Friendster, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, blogs, homepages, and news sources

The company’s primary goal is to index people with their public web URLs. is a Quantcast Top-600 people search site serving over 5 million unique visitors every month.

PeekYou’s Enterprise Search returns PeekYou’s search index to help the partner companies determine the who, where, and what of their user/client base for research, analytics and marketing purposes.

PeekYou can find only what Google, Bing, and Yahoo can. If these traditional search engines cannot find a piece of information, then PeekYou cannot find it either.

But whereas traditional search engines might bury certain kinds of personal information as not relevant to a keyword search, PeekYou is actually premised on searching for a person, or searching by personal information (school, work, etc.) so it puts this kind of information front and center—by cleaning it up, organizing it, and presenting it in a useful format


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