Network File Sharing Software – Download Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is a cloud storage client that integrates cloud storage with the Windows file system. This level of integration improves in usability when compared to a browser based client. Files from the cloud are accessed as if they were on a local disk or a mounted network file share. To further enhance usability, it also creates file type associations between web applications and files, whether they are stored on a local disk or in the Cloud.

It combines the integration of cloud storage with backup and file synchronization options. Cloud Desktop supports many different cloud based storage services, from Google Docs and Google Apps over Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive to network resources, ftp servers and various Amazon services.

Download Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Gladinet keeps itself in your system tray while running and closing it un-mounts your “resources” drive with all your app connections. From its right-click system tray menu, you can add and delete app drives and Safe Card credentials, and create logins that allow you to run Google Calendar, Gmail, the ThinkFree suite and other webapps in stand-alone windows nothing you can’t do with Prism or Google Gears, though.

It removes the web interfaces from Google Docs, Picasa Web Albums, Windows Live SkyDrive and Amazon S3 Storage, mounting them instead as folders you can add, remove, or open documents from.

[advt]Cloud Sync Folder syncs local folder across all your computers. It provides version control, with the ability to restore previous versions. It provides browser access to the cloud storage services mounted in Gladinet Cloud Desktop instances. It provides a personal cloud, when away from your computer.


  • Easy Access To Files
  • Remote Access To Multiple PCs
  • Use Web Applications Locally
  • On Demand Sharing With Friends
  • Access From Web Browser

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