UC Browser for Windows Phone : Fast, Smooth and Free

UC Browser is one among the leading mobile browsers on the mobile internet marketplace with 400 Million+ global users. Its a free and fast app which offer a smoother performance. The latest UC Browser version works with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5. The version has come with a few changes which in turn makes UC Browser more effective.

The changes include a change in number of maximum tabs which could be opened at a time. The new UC Browser now enables the user to open a maximum of 9 tabs.  The new tabs manager allows the user to peek on pages while viewing tabs and also it provides quick closing of  tabs by simply sliding them. Now the users can choose custom fonts for displaying the pages in “Speed Mode“. A faster speed dial option is included too.

The other features include “Watch Offline” option with the help of previously stored cache of online videos on selected websites, which allows the user to watch them later, even without an internet connection. The “Desktop mode” provides the experience and full features of webpages as if it was viewed on PC. The other modes are Night Mode, Speed Mode, Incognito Browsing and Text-only Browsing. The Night Mode comes with brightness control option.

The UC Browser keeps the screen on during downloads, which assures user that WiFi is connected. It also offer customized themes and Lockscreen wallpapers. These can be downloaded from UC Theme Center. The multi-tabs management option helps users switch between different sites without refreshing. A QR Code Scanning option is also available with the UC Browser. “Speed Dial” and “Site Navigation” provides a convenient way to access user’s favorite sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo etc.

UC Browser for Windows Phone can be downloaded here.

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