UC Browser for Android : Redefining Mobile Browsing Experience

UCWeb Inc.‘s UC Browser is a popular mobile internet browser.  The UC Browser version for Android provides a faster, smoother web surfing experience.

The configuration of UC Browser, which is adaptable and hence browsing experience under different network connections will feel similar. It helps user reduce the data charges and speeds up page loading with its own compression mode.

UC Browser is the most downloaded Browser for Android in India. UC Browser is also recommended by Android. It has over 400 million users worldwide. UCWeb had incorporated some new features to give it a fresh look, along with its new logo.

The new UC Browser for Android has page preload option, which saves time by having next page preloaded with intelligent analysis. It has also included background downloading to keep user’s downloads active even after exiting the browser.

Now an improved auto fill option is there, user needs to enter the first letter of  most of the URLs or search phrases, which will be auto-filled by smart technology used in UC Browser.

They have enhanced security features of UC Browser to reduce the risk of revealing the account/password info and hence protects user from malicious webpages. The new memory optimization technique will eventually increase stability and minimize crash rate for low RAM phones.

In UC Browser, a user can switch between themes and wallpapers to change the appearance of the browser. Also the incognito browsing mode will help the user from sacrificing his privacy.

To solve the problem of browsing in the dark, they have added a unique night mode, which will reduce the brightness to save the eyes of the user. And finally, a user is able to take screen shots from various websites using UC Browser just like any other web browser.

The totally free UC Browser for Android phones can be downloaded from Google play.

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