UC Browser for Mobile : Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Java, Blackberry

UCWeb Inc. is a mobile internet software technology and application services provider. Their flagship product UC Browser is a cross-platform mobile internet browser, which is available throughout more than 3,000 different models of cell phones has been upgraded its version for Android and Windows phones.

Now UC Browser is compatible with operating systems such as Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Java, Blackberry etc. UC Browser is now available in 7 languages including English, Russian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese and has over 400 million users in more than 150 countries.

UC Browser had launched UC Browser for Windows Phone 3.0, which offer increased speed and ease of use. They have added “My Collection” option to the browser, which is a completely customizable list of browsing tools such as downloads and themes. It is located at the homepage for quick access.

The browser has been optimized to give 40 to 100 percent increase in download speeds, along with an increase in page loading speed. The way to exit the browser had been made easier by pressing back twice at the home page. User can enter domain names in different languages in this version. A QR Code scanner has also been included, located on the address bar for easy access.

UC Browser had also launched UC Browser Mini for Android v8.6, which is expected to provide a fast and easy browsing experience for Android phones with low RAM and small storage spaces. The browser itself is built on UCWeb’s lightweight U2 kernel, and the installation package is approximately 2.7MB.

The Cloud Download function is enabled for downloading files onto the Cloud server named UDisk with ease, which is a free online storage service for mobile phone users provided by UCWeb. The registered users will get 2GB of permanent storage space and 4GB temporary space which is available for 7 days.

UC Browser for Android Mini supports online video playing in HTML5 webpages. UC Browser supports full screen video playback on phones with Android 2.X OS.

Download UC Browser here.

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