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With TringMe Free Mobile VOIP Application, you can make free VOIP calls directly over WiFi connection. TringMe claims to be the first Blackberry application to make it possible.

TringMe app does not require cellular minutes to make VoIP calls. If you do not have WiFi, TringMe provides local access numbers and callback options available to place the calls. TringMe users will also be able to call for free to each other over WiFi. The application gives complete flexibility to the user to choose the type of call that suits the best.

Conferencing calls are made just a single click away. Just select the contacts and press Call button. TringMe will call your number and all of selected contacts/groups and conference them in a second. You can conference between Blackberry Contacts or Blackberry Groups worldwide without any dial-in number or PIN to remember.

TringMe application works even if you do not have internet plan on your Blackberry. If TringMe’s application does not find any data connectivity, it uses Email channel to communicate and enables users to initiate calls even if they do not have internet plan.

TringMe application offers end-to-end encryption for direct Wi-Fi calls. Enterprises can leverage direct Wi-Fi calls for their corporate phone network which enables their employees to be directly linked with their local exchange. For example, when a local exchange number is dialled, it will ring employees Blackberry rather than the desktop phone. The application is completely customizable and brandable.

How to Install

  • Visit from your BlackBerry to download the application.
  • Install and run the application.
  • Blackberry will ask for the permission – Allow.
  • Follow the steps as shown on your screen.
  • If you like, change options to suite your needs.

Making Calls

  • You can call as usual from your contact book or call logs screen. TringMe will ask you if you like route call through TringMe. You can also highlight a contact and chose “Call Using TringMe” menu option.
  • You can also call from the application. Highlight a contact and press call button.
  • Making Calls Over WiFi – TringMe will automatically select the best options for you depending on your preferences. However if you like to force a call using WiFi, highlight a contact and chose “Call (WiFi)” in menu option.
  • Over Callback/Local Access Number – If WiFi is not available, call can be placed using local access number or callback. You can set various options to suite your needs.


  • In application select contacts from within the application and either use the conference menu item.
  • Press the call button to place a conference call to selected contacts.
  • You can also set up a group in native Contact Book. In that case, highlight a Contact Group and use the “Call Using TringMe” menu option to conference with the contacts in the group.


Compose SMS and send it as usual. TringMe will prompt if you like to send it using TringMe. You can configure various options for SMS services in Options screen.

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