Transfer Your iTunes Library to PC – Download CopyTrans TuneSwift

CopyTrans TuneSwift can transfer your iTunes library very easily. Now you can copy iTunes from PC to PC or from PC to Mac. It is the easiest way to transfer iTunes library to another computer. It can move iTunes to a new computer or another drive and save iTunes library on an external hard drive.

Transfer iTunes from one computer to another

  • Move iTunes library to a new PC, including all data
  • Transfer music, videos, applications, books, podcasts, ratings, artworks, all types of playlists etc.
  • Copy iTunes from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7
  • Transfer iTunes library from 32bit to 64bit Windows versions
  • Move iTunes to an external hard drive, or any folder on your PC
  • Export iTunes including the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone backups

Move iTunes from PC to Mac

  • Copy the entire iTunes library from Windows to Mac
  • Move iTunes library from Windows to Mac
  • Transfer iTunes including iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone backups

DownloadCopyTrans TuneSwift 
Full iTunes library backup

  • [advt]Back up iTunes media to an external hard drive or a USB flash drive
  • Save the complete iTunes library in a single backup archive
  • Update the backup with the latest changes from the iTunes library
  • Include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone backups when saving iTunes

Restore iTunes to PC or Mac, anytime and anywhere

  • Restore iTunes from previously made backup files
  • Import the iTunes library from an external hard drive to a new PC
  • Your iPod, iPhone and iPad will be recognized like in the original iTunes library, no risk of “Delete & Sync” through iTunes
  • Use your Windows XP 32bit iTunes library on your new Windows 7 64bit PC

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