Backup and Recovery Tool for Your iPod and iPhone using CopyTrans

CopyTrans (formerly CopyPod) is the ultimate backup & recovery tool for your iPod & iPhone songs and videos.  Transfer iPod to iTunes & Computer Rebuild iTunes Library from iPod Touch. It can retrieve iPod music, videos, ratings, playlists, play count & more from iPod to PC.  Backup iPhone music from iPhone to computer when sending iPod in repair, in case of computer/hard drive crash.

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Rebuild, repopulate iTunes library from iPod

  • Transfer all data from iPod to PC, songs, playlists, ratings, play counts, last played, etc.
  • Supports videos, movies & TV shows
  • Import audiobooks & podcasts (incl. subscriptions) to iTunes in the correct order & categories
  • Transfer album artwork cover from all models of iPods, incl. iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Backup iPod music & recover to PC with all personal settings
  • One click iPod import to iTunes. Copy, restore, recover and move from iPod to computer
  • Update iTunes with recent iPod changes (incremental backup)

Transfer iPhone to iTunes – rebuild iTunes library

  • Transfer iPhone music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, home made videos and ringtones directly to iTunes
  • Import playlists, artworks, ratings, play counts, date last played, date added and many more back into iTunes
  • [advt]Copy iPad playlists and iPhone smart playlists while preserving song order within playlist
  • Import iPhone artworks automatically into iTunes
  • Import iPhone videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, TV-shows and ringtones to their iTunes categories
  • Backup iPod podcasts to iTunes including subscriptions
  • 100% duplicate proof. No iPhone duplicates in iTunes

Transfer iPod to computer – create iPhone backups

  • Copy iPhone music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, TV-shows, voice memos and ringtones to PC
  • Transfer iPad to PC folder of your choice
  • Organize iPhone tracks the way you want to. Rename tracks and create folders based on any iPhone track field such as artist, album, genre, …
  • Import iPhone backup to iTunes whenever desired with playlists
  • Backup iPod, iPod Touch & iPhone to removable storage devices
  • Create iPod backups that you can burn to CD and DVD
  • No iPod track duplicates guaranteed

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