TRAI Doubles SMS Limit to 200 Per Day Per SIM

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) increased the limit of one hundred SMS to two hundred SMS per day per SIM, agreeing to the demands of mobile subscribers. The new daily cap comes into effect from November 1st 2011.

TRAI had introduced the 100-SMSes a day cap to stop unsolicited and pesky text messages from telemarketers on September 27, 2011. The cap also put an end to subscribers using multiple SIM cards to send text messages without registering as telemarketers.

TRAI said in a statement

“The authority has received representations from some of the service providers and consumers to increase the limit of 100 SMS per day per SIM. The authority has considered these representations and decided to increase the limit of 100 SMS per day to 200 SMS per day per SIM.”

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  1. I think you don’t run spell check before publishing your post on your website. If you look to the body content you’ll found one spelling mistake i.e of “TRAI”.
    Instead of “TRAI said” you mentioned “RAI said”.
    Please resolve this issue ASAP.

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