DNCIndia.com – FREE Service to Telemarketers for DNC Compliance

Drishti launches a web interface for telemarketing companies to easily manage TRAI regulations related to UCC – DNCIndia.com. Currently in the beta stage, the website provides DND/ DNC scrubbing of the calling lists as a free service to its registered users. Looking at the problem of Unsolicited Commercial Calls (UCC) from the telemarketer’s perspective, DNCIndia.com is a reliable compliance management platform for companies doing mass-scale outbound calls for marketing.

Whether you are a BPO or an Enterprise, if mass outbound calls and cold calling are a part of your sales process, just register with DNCIndia.com and ensure that your calling campaigns are in adherence to the regulations set by TRAI (Telecom Regulation Authority of India).

[advt]The TRAI regulations bar telemarketers from sending commercial communication to telephone numbers registered as Do-not-Disturb (DND) numbers. NCPR or National Customer Preference Register is a national data base containing a list of all such telephone numbers. The telemarketers are required to download the periodically updated database and remove the blocked numbers from their calling lists.

Services like DNCIndia.com help reduce nuisance calls to the subscribers since the telemarketing lists are filtered of registered DND numbers. Besides the current services, Drishti plans to extend the DNCIndia.com platform further to provide connectors and open APIs. This would enable other contact center solution providers and PBX application developers to offer DNC service-integrated business solutions to their customers.

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