– Create GIF Animations, Favicon, Raw Converter helps to create GIF animations, make avatars, icons ICO, FAVICON, RAW converter. It convert photos and images to any format, to process images and create icons ico for your website. With you will get a high quality photo, gif animation spectacular and eye-catching icons in ico format.

  • GIF animations can help you convert photos and images to any format to particular gif animation with specific time intravels and can create animated avatars.
  • Ico Converter can help you to load a picture of any size and format, select the options and Ico Converter will create an icon for your website. You can also make nice icons for your applications.
  • Raw Converter converts pictures from any of raw formats such as cr2, dng, nef, etc. With use of the Raw Converter the problem of reading and processing images of these formats instantly disappears.


  • The procedure of integration of Gif animations on the web does not differ from placing non-animated images.
  • The animated image that you have created using Free Gif Animator on our site does not require any additional plug-ins for viewing.
  • Due to the compression Gif animations have smaller size.
  • In contrast to the compression of JPG, RAW format use other algorithms that do not degrade the quality of the final image. This allows higher quality images.
  • The size of the RAW file is much larger than the same images saved in JPEG. However, it is smaller than the file in TIFF.
  • Image data are stored separately from processing data (color correction, noise reduction, etc).
  • 16×16 favicon.ico icons are obtainedfrom the root directory of the site.
  • It allows you to use different icons for each page.

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