Create Animated GIF Images Online from Any Image Using Gifpal

Gifpal is service that create animated gif images using images from your computer or from your web cam. This website works by either using a webcam to take picture, or you can use pictures you have on your computer. Click some pictures using the web cam or upload some from your PC or Mac first. Then, go ahead and arrange them with cool effects. You can use up to 20 images to create 20 frames, and then animate them in any way you want. One you have created your GIF animation you can download it from the website onto your computer. You can also save it on the website or upload it to the GIFPAL gallery.

Features of GIFPAL animation creator

  • A time line to view your photos
  • An option to delete all the frames
  • An option to reverse the order in which the photos are played
  • A preview windows of what your GIF animation will look like
  • The speed of your animation
  • The option to save your animation
  • A tab system where you can take photos from your webcam or use ones on your computer
  • A meter that tells you how big the file size of your GIF will be
  • An option for effects
  • An option to add another frame to the animation
  • An option to choose if the photo is in portrait or landscape mode
  • An option to draw on your photo.


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