Tata DoCoMo Launched in India, Introduced 1 Paise per Second Plan

Tata Teleservices’ GSM brand, Tata DoCoMo has launched its operations in India, beginning with Tamil Nadu. Tata DoCoMo subscribers will be able to call anywhere in India for 1 paisa per second.


Tata DoCoMo is said to follow the per-second pricing model for almost everything, be it voice calls, VAS services, IVR interactions. Tata Teleservices has collaborated with Japan’s NTT DoCoMo to provide the GSM service in India.



  1. Dear Sir,

    which date TATA DOCOMO launch in delhi or ncr i realy need is sim please please tell me……..

  2. tata docomo has speed 21mbps , so i m waiting for this first miracle in delhi plz tell me when docomo will come in delhi

  3. i talked to one of the officers of tata docomo. he told that there is no spectrum available in delhi so launch has been postponed. i may take a month or more…… means the project is in cold bag……

    • There is no spectrum allocation for for Delhi NCR till now.May be spectrum allocated in next 2 months & after that project implementation will start & probably it takes almost 5-6 month.So i think Dcocomo will launch in delhi by December09-jan10.

  4. hi..

    Plz tell me when will tata docomo launch in delhi…
    I am eagerly waiting for Docomo to enter Delhi..
    Plz confirm the probable date….


  5. i talked to one of the officers of tata docomo. he told that there is no spectrum available in delhi so launch has been postponed. i may take a month or more…… means the project is in cold bag……

  6. i though tata docomo would be launched by Dec end but it was not launched…..and i dont think by jan end also they would lauch their services in Delhi NCR.
    Unltimalty i opted for Relinace.

  7. Just wanna check the launch date for TATA DOCOMO in DELHI.

    I am a quite satisfied customer of TATA CDMA and i want a GSM connection as well….

    Please reply.

  8. TATA DOCOMO IS HORRIBLE SERVICE. I recommend every one NOT TO Subscribe to them. I lost Rs. 600 and number of hours trying to deal with them. They do not train their retails and distrbutors. Customer service is USELESS…..

    • absolutely correct………………….. worst service ever had
      dont kw to rectify a problem of not abl to sent msgs
      i talked wid d customer care executives mor dan 100 times
      n dey r disconnecting d phone by
      telling one or d other………………………………………

      and nw its almost 7 months

      stil not yet rectified

      as i hv given d mob no to all my friends

      i m using in til nw………….


      damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it……


  9. Even we would like to launch ASAP as it would only benefit us, however there have been certain lags. As of now we don’t have an ETA for Delhi

  10. Tata Docomo has not been allotted the spectrum for the delhi/ncr region.
    i wish to enquire by wat time is it expected to acquire the spectrum for the region as DOCOMO can get a huge customer base from that particular region. and y such delay, when MTS can acquire y TATA DOCOMO is bein delayed.

    Mr. DEEPAK GULATI had mentioned that DOCOMO would launch in delhi by DECEMBER. I hope it is not a false committment by TATA and would launch in delhi ASAP.

  11. @All: Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. However we request all of you to attach your Tata DOCOMO numbers with you complaints so that we can escalate it ASAP! If you are not comfortable giving out your number on this portal then you may send us an email with your complaint and Tata Docomo number to ‘social[at]tatadocomomarketing.com’

  12. I am post-paid customer for this brand,I would like to share my experience being with TATA DOCOMO’s netowork,its just fabulous.
    I was with Airtel post-paid before I migrated to TATA,I used to pay hefty bills and was too worried as the biLling cycle date nears..but as of now I am happy with the billing pattern and the transparency.
    But one thing which Iv noticed in the bill which I didnt liked was the total amount was being rounded off to the nearest Rupee,which i think is unfair,say for example my last month bill was 749.47Rs,its being rounded off to 750Rs.
    This practice I would recommend TATA not to adopt,apart from this other things with TATA is excellent.
    I wish them all the best..

  13. hey can u tell me if i got call std in tata docomo no so is there any docomo to docomo unlimted plan if yes so tell me i am so excited, and tell me that any benefit for tata cdma customer or not

  14. Hi,
    Someone plz tell wen tata docomo is going 2 b launch in delhi?
    We are very eagerly waiting for it here.

  15. Tata Docomo has finished almost half of its marathon race in order to roll out its gsm nationwide. We r very eagerly waiting for it in DELHI. as ur “pay par seconds call” plan has redefined the Indian telecom experience and created a tariff war among other operators.
    we are expecting one more juicy pack which will provide cheaper STD call rates on specially TATA’S network (includes tata docomo, tata indicom & virgin mobile).
    When It is going to be launched in Delhi?
    waiting for ur +ve response.

  16. Sir,
    I am a resident now in usa last 10 years and I have heard that you are launcing new 1 paise per minute tatadocomo in Delhi . So I am interested to take your
    delhi main distributorship, so for that I need your terms and conditions and
    rate of items and commission etc.
    If you will your phone No. of concerned person who is in charge of it
    I can call and talk to him about it.
    My Phone No. is 954 298 6848 (USA)
    On hearing from you I can take step to go further to do the business with you.
    I have my own brother in Delhi,
    so please send your reply to my email address [email protected]
    Thanking you and anticipating your reply in this regard soon.

  17. Hi,
    Me and My Friends are desperately waiting launch of your services in Delhi and UP. Please Let us know the date ?

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  19. Hi Mr.Sree Pillai… sir plz let me know when the TATA DOCOMO is going to launch in DELHI n BIHAR. RECENTLY I VISITED TO CHENNAI N EXPERIENCE THE UR SERVICE…. ITS TOO GOOD SIR.

  20. hey guys v cn use the 3D animation n any other form of animation in the animation contest of tata docomo..isnt this amazing..n ofcrse the response is vry gud..

  21. does anyone have any Idea when TATA GSM is to be launched in DELHI-NCR.
    I am really waiting for this services in Delhi. Although it has been launched in Haryana.

  22. HI…Pls let me know the launch of Tata DOCOCMO in NCR….
    I am eagerly wating for this….. I am frustrated with Airtel customer care response and toooo expensive Plans….Good for nothing!

  23. hey i heard abt tata docomo’s Animation contest also..docomo has jus made a trend by providing unique plans to thr customer n nw they also are givin a chance to the customer to prove thr talent..good goin..

  24. We have finally launched our unlimited GPRS plan and we will be introducing it in 2 packages. The first package will be the ‘Rs. 15 GPRS Pack’. This is a pre paid pack wherein a customer can recharge with Rs.15, and thereafter the customer will be allowed to access unlimited data for next 3 days by selecting Docomo internet APN on their handsets. The second package will be the ‘Rs. 95 GPRS Pack’. In this pack, the customer can recharge with Rs. 95, and thereafter the customer will be allowed to access unlimited data for the next 30 days. These packages will be applicable to TATADOCOMO home and roaming network only.

    For further information please visit the Unlimited GPRS URL: http://www.tatadocomo.com/gprs-edge-faqs.aspx

  25. i was searchin for tata docomo unlimited gprs plan bt thr’s nthin givn abt it in thr site..cn any1 giv me the details of it??

  26. nice plan from docomo..the per second plan is nice bt it must hav life..also saw the saving wall in thr website..its impressive..

  27. Dear gajendran,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please provide us your contact number to log network issue.

    Thank you

  28. The 1paisa/sec rate will be applicable each month for the first 27,000secs. After which it will increase to 2paisa/sec. So that means EACH month after you have used up 27,000secs, the rate will increase to 2paisa!!

  29. can Tata docomo clarify that what really the plan. i.e is it promotional plan 1paisa/second STD or just hidden value behind it that when people will subscribe docomo will increase the rate 2paisa/second for STD.

  30. Hi we r very much interested to know about tata docomo plan some of the people r telling that this is the promotional program while some of telling that now this is 1pais/sec STD plan. so can docomo give the perfect information so people like me can take the connection.

  31. We’re officially launching in mumbai, maharashtra and goa tomorrow (6th Aug)!! Still finalising the Delhi launch dates!

  32. previous iam having tataindicom this one very superup,but compare to docomo very bat because everybody no contact with me anybody say to me my mobile one is swithoff or no tower area ,iam also checked my own landline also say docomo is swithoff
    kindly take action our side ,pls contact with me

  33. Hi Guys,
    We appreciate all that gets spoken about us on forums such as teck.in. Apart from this we are constantly ‘re-tweeting’ on Twitter! We look fwd to listening to feedback from ppl, as it encourages us and at the same time keeps us on our toes! Feel free to discuss any matter directly with us either here or on twitter. We believe in attending to and solving problems/doubts ASAP. We look fwd to your criticisms, encouragement and guidance. Together lets make the TATA DOCOMO experience a one of a kind!

    @Sree: We will no doubt be launching in Delhi in the near future. However at this stage we cant put an exact date on it. It is good to hear that you are awaiting the launch date. Will let you know once the exact date is decided

  34. hey guys y dnt you all check this cool site of tata docomo
    ( http://www.tatadocomo.com/default.aspx) its really cool and you wil get all the doubts cleared from this as its my personal expirence..m very much impressed with dis site becoz its has cool ring tones and amazing games..its really a cool site..

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