Thiruvananthapuram Places Marked in Google Maps

As a continuation of yesterday’s post on place marking in Google Earth, I created this in online Google map too. This does not require you to have Google Earth installed on your computer. But Google Earth is clearer than the Google Map view of satellite image.

Satellite View of Thiruvananthapuram using Google

A smaller version is provided below.

Mouse over the balloon to see the place name, double click anywhere on the map to center it, use zoom controls for details, drag using mouse to move the map.

This site makes use of Google Maps, but is not affiliated with Google. May not work in all browsers, sorry did this in a hurry, before boarding my flight to Thiruvananthapuram tomorrow!

I hope Google will soon provide as better resolution pictures of Thiruvananthapuram soon.

Currently I mapped some places which I have better ideas of its landmarks like ponds and traces of roads. Let me know your comments and suggestions. I might later add more places in the city and to the eastern suburbs of the city.


  1. Now, you might try to take it off Google Earth or so. Well, good luck to you: their map overlay for these regions is either totally absent, or it sucks! And ever tried to put a sat image on your GPS device (that is IF there’s a good coverage of the area, and IF you get it calibrated accurately)? Well, I assure you, once on the road, you’ll see next to nothing on your screen, particularly in full sunshine. Remember, there’s not much shade in Ladakh. You NEED an accurate and contrast-rich map, nothing less will do.

  2. A small help needed.
    My blog was listed as the fifth result on Google search page for the search string “nikhil”.
    That was some 15 days back.
    Now its one the 7th page or so.
    Don’t know what happened.
    I dint make any changes, though….

  3. Hope you have reached TVM safely and is out of jet lag now 🙂
    Wondering how long it will take for driving instructions to come for every city in Kerala?

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