Google City Tours – Plan Your City Tours with Google Maps

Google Maps Labs have released a new application called Google City Tours that bulit on Google Maps. Given a starting address, City Tours finds nearby points of interest and suggests a walking tour which visits as many points of interest as possible in the time available. Google take each attraction’s opening hours into consideration and will never suggest a visit to an attraction when we think it’s closed.

If you already know what you want to visit, City Tours can also create a tour from your own My Maps. Share your favorite maps with google and allow others experience your city tour, customized to exactly where and when they are staying and visiting.

City Tours comes with a number of preconfigured tours for San Francisco, New York, London and Dublin. Each preconfigured tour has three routes, meant to be walked over three different days, that take in major landmarks, museums and galleries in each of the cities.

Each landmark on the tour is marked on the map. The pop-up window for each marker contains information about how long you will stay when visiting the landmark, a user rating and the opening hours. The map sidebar shows the order of the walk and the time it should take to walk from one location to the next.

Want to know how google city tour work? Then, Hear from horse’s mouth


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